lassic audio links

This is a list of some of the best sites on the Internet for information about classic audio. If you are looking for specifications and pictures of vintage equipment or the history of some great manufacturers of audio gear, this is the place to start a fascinating journey into audio history!

Product history from official website
The Classic Speaker Pages
Vinyl Nirvana
The Classic Speaker Pages
Alchemist HiFi Archive

Altec Lansing's (unofficial) Homepage
Voice of the Theatre

Apogee Speaker Users Website
Armstrong Audio - The High Fidelity Sound
Product history from official website
Le forum Cabasse Wiki (in French)
Product history from official website
Dayton Wright
The Vintage Knob
The Dual Reference Website
Greg's Unofficial Dynaco Home Page
Dynaco Tube Audio Schematics Archive
Eico Product Matrix
Incomparable Ferrograph
Avery Fisher Heritage
Garrard turntable collection
Heathkit Virtual Museum
Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive
IMF Electronics Speakers
Infinity Classics (In German)
BobbyShred's Vintage Infinity Speaker Page
Lansing Heritage
The Vintage Knob
The Classic Speaker Pages
The Unofficial Krell audio site
The Linn History Files
Luxman vintage audio
The Vintage Knob
Magnatmuseum (in Dutch)
Magnepan Users Group

Marantz's Legendary Audio Classics
Quarter-A Reference Site
The Vintage Knob

Mark Levinson
Martin Logan Club

McIntosh Laboratory Exhibit
Berner's McIntosh Information Site
Roger Russell's McIntosh History Page

The German MICRO SEIKI Source (in German)
NASG naim audio short guide
The Unofficial Nakamichi cassette deck resource
Das private ONKYO Archiv (in German)

Phase Linear Stereo Equipment Reference Site
Phase Linear High End Audio Website (in German)

Pioneer's Legendary Audio Classics
The Vintage Knob
Pioneer Elite Stereo Reference Site
Silver Pioneer Reference Site
Quad World
The Quad ESL
Revox - Legendary tape recorders
Revox - A Dream of Design and Sound... (in German)
Jim's SAE Site
Henry's Setton Museum
Sansui Lover's Appreciation Web
The Best of SANSUI
The Vintage Knob
Soundcraftsmen Reference Site
Product history from official website
Norsk Radiohistorisk Forening (in Norwegian)
Tannoy Speakers
The TANNOY Monitor Gold
Vintage Technics (in German)
The Thorens Dept.
Western Electric
The Vintage Knob